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good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. we are following a developing story in oakland. a total of four people killed in three separate shootings all within a 12-hour span. >> it happened on 90th and macarthur. less than two hours later, a second shooting on macarthur. then two people killed on 72nd avenue and international boulevard. that is where bob redell joins us live on what has become a deadly day in oakland. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla and jon. we spoke to a resident who said they wondered what is going on.
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four gun deaths within the city limits since 9:00 last night. all young men in their late teens or early 20s. two killed on 72nd avenue where we are right now. a residential street. a couple of blocks away from international boulevard. these men were in a green minivan on the street. a van that one of the passengers bought within the past day. at 6:00 as the sun was coming up this morning, someone walked up to the van and there was a confrontation. this person fired multiple shots at them killing them both here on the scene. police tell us they don't have a motive. they are still looking for that suspect. a neighbor of one of the men said the two regularly sat out in a vehicle just to talk. weren't loud. were respectful. from her point of view, seemed to stay out of trouble. >> this is the first time we ever had any kind of disturbances like this. sad. i guess nobody is exempt.
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it happens over there. it happened behind us. now it is happening here. nobody is exempt in oakland. it could be in any neighborhood. any street. >> reporter: just before 9:00 last night, an 18-year-old man was shot and killed outside of a liquor store in east oakland on the corner of 90th and macarthur. an hour and a half later, a man in his 20s was shot at another liquor store. both unrelated according to police. the second man was killed. police reiterated they have a gun tip hotline if you want to anonymously report a firearm. the city is running operation cease-fire. this is an effort to connect with community leaders to help reduce violence here within the city limits. reporting live here in oakland, bob redell, nbc bay area news. also new this morning, downed power lines sparked a fire and caused several evacuations in berkeley this morning. video from our chopper shows the lines draped across the roof of
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the white house on delaware street. firefighters say a sea gull grounded the 12,000 volt wire which fell on the grass and sparked the fire. the fire caused $50,000 damage to the home. the person living there is now displaced. pg&e has reviewed the power lines. in case you have been inside and enjoying the comforts of the cool ac, it is already pushing 80 degrees in san francisco in october. guess what? we have not hit the hottest point of the day. >> meteorologist christina loren is tracking the soaring temperatures this morning and a cooldown on the way. from one extreme to the next. >> let's give them the good news first. much cooler weather on the way. today, the heat wave continues and everything i'm looking at with all the clear skies overhead. it leads me to believe it will
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be hotter in some cities today than yesterday. the reason why is the ridge which has been nudged to the north. look at this. this is highly unusual to see fresno not even as warm as monterrey. 89 degrees. close to 90 on the ocean. that is because of offshore flow. it pushes the marine air back out to sea. it is as if the pacific ocean is not there to keep us cool. this is the hottest point again today. 84 degrees already in pleasanton. we will top out warmer today. as of this time tomorrow, we will talk about the low 80s and upper 70s as opposed to 90s. in the tri-valley, we will get cooler and bring in showers and the 70s toward the weekend. the seven-day forecast tells us a story. i'll get to that coming up. thank you. shock and disbelief in the east bay. teachers and students in albany
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are trying to come to terms with the news that a popular middle school teacher is dead. his dead comes days after he is accused of molesting a former student. we have christie smith outside albany middle school where the school held a vigil for james izumizaki. >> reporter: the superintendent and others wrapped up a press conference and she said that this is really rocked them to the core. they are dealing with the accusations against the teacher and now the teacher's death. before classes started at albany middle school, students knew. a vigil held for james izumizaki. >> my son's life. >> reporter: his death being investigated as a suicide.
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a second shock days after he was accused of an inappropriate relationship with a former student. >> we have the assumption that he is innocent. we have the assumption that it is a big misunderstanding and it got out of hand and got out of hand fast and hit him very hard. >> it is mind boggling it had to come this way. >> reporter: the 28-year-old was arrested last week on suspicion of a lewd act with a child under 14. he was out on bail, but the d.a. did not file charges because police were still investigating. now the school district is bringing in counselors for all the students, but also trying to protect the accuser and family. >> naturally there is a great deal of concern for them and how this is affecting them. >> reporter: nbc bay area had tried to speak with him, but he declined. he was a popular teacher, coach and mentor. parents who knew him are shaken. they say they hope all the facts come out. >> if he is guilty, they need to
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know that. if he is innocent, they need to know that. those are two pieces of the puzzle that we're grappling with here in albany. it is important to at least have closure on that. >> reporter: now that last parent that we spoke with said he wished this whole matter had not been so public. there was a feeling in his words of presumed guilt. i also spoke with the alameda county sheriff's office. they tell me there was a note found with james izumizaki. the contents are part of the medical examiner's investigation. reporting live, christie smith, nbc bay area news. the man accused of attacking a student off campus is expected back in court this afternoon. 25-year-old bradley mrozek could answer to charges back this afternoon. on september 21st, he walked on the campus and grabbed a student
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from a bathroom. she eventually kicked and fought and got away and told school administrators. pa parkside has increased security measures. the murder trial for giselle esteban started yesterday. esteban's attorney did not deny the allegations, but she killed le as a result of extreme provocation and the heat of passion. le disappeared from keiser hospital in may of 2011. her body was found four months after that. a horrifying discovery for a bay area family after finding the body of a missing boater on the shore line near pigeon point. the coast guard says the family of the missing man was searching for them on their own when they found the body yesterday. the boat capsized on sunday
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during a fishing trip with friends. he and another man who is still missing were not wearing life jackets. the two other fishermen were wearing life jackets and were able to swim to shore. we have an update on the agent that killed a woman on the mexico u.s. border. it happened this morning near the town of nacko, arizona. one, as we said, died and the third agent was with them and not hurt. the agents went to investigate an alarm. so far, no suspect information has been released. officials say that area is frequented by drug smugglers. now to decision 2012. president obama and republican presidential candidate mitt romney are taking the day off to prepare for tomorrow's big showdown. the first of three debates will
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take place in denver. both the president and romney are running through full rehearsals to fine tune their talking points. as of this morning, president obama has the lead in all nine of the key battle ground states. both campaigns say to him night is important to reach undecided voters. >> it will be a conversation. we will get to describe our views. >> the choice of two paths for this country. it's a choice between two fundamentally different visions for our nation. >> you can watch the debate in its entirety on nbc bay area. the topic is domestic policy. coverage starts wednesday night at 6:00. in a move to save money, milpitas may put the police department on the chopping block. considering outsourcing law enforcement to the santa clara county sheriff's office. it is on the agenda at the meeting tonight which is open to
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the public. this is all happening at 7:00 p.m. at city hall. another bay area city says it wants to dump its weekly garbage collection. according to "the palo alto weekly," they are trying to keep organic waste out of landfills. if homeownerss sorted their foo scraps, there would be less of a need for pick ups. the meeting for the finance committee is expected to reduce garbage collection to once or twice per month or possibly getting rid of it entirely. a south bay tradition feeding thousands of people in the bay area for more than six decades closing its doors. race street fish & poultry in san jose has been family owned since it opened in 1947. the owner says it is time to retire so they sold to a
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texas-based corporation. >> christmas eve, it's an hour. it's christmas. it is part of my christmas to be here. >> a lot of memories for a lot of people. but the memories will leave forever. we'll always have that. whether you are a customer or no. >> race street fish market will close on october 14th. it's adjacent seafood kitchen and restaurant will stay open and the opowners say and the ow say it will expand. all right. still ahead. an important peanut butter recall expanding this morning. we will tell you what you need to know. plus the america's cup race has returned. it has been less than two months to see the yachts zip across the bay. this time around, they face a new set of challenges. we will explain next. the guy who helped develop the ipod brings you the new,
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there is a big time warning and a massive recall for peanut butter brands expanding this morning. new mexico-based sunland has recalled major peanut butter products. that includes target archer farms and safeway. also on the list is nature valley and earth balance and serio serious food. this started after people got sick after eating trader joe's peanut butter. there are at least 30 cases of salmonella right now. the illnesses are taking place in 19 different states. all right. we wish it was friday. it is only tuesday. scott mcgrew is talking gadgets.
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>> the same item from the guy who developed the ipod. >> a new thermostat thinner than the older one. here is video of the new one. these are cool. they learn your habits. if you are constantly turning it up at night or when you come in the house, eventually, it will turn itself up. it is controllable on your iphone. do you suppose people will run out to buy a thinner device because it is thinner? even if their old device works perfectly fine? it worked for apple. here are some crew of the "uss michael." they are on the stock exchange. the dow jones industrial average is down slightly this morning. google down as well after hitting another all-time high yesterday. back to you. what goes down must come up. >> that is true.
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>> speaking of that, the weather is still going up. we will have a slope at the end of it. right, christina? >> a steep decline in the temperatures for the end of the week and weekend. over the next 72 hours, major changes ahead. i want to start with a live picture of the golden gate bridge. look at the people out there enjoying the weather. you notice they are not bundled up in jackets. they are in short sleeves and tank tops. we get one more day of extreme heat at the coast and inland. very unusual to see fresno at 87 and monterrey at 89 degrees. 84 in nevada. 84 right here in san jose. getting hot in sunnyvale. close to 90 at this point. high pressure is driving our winds offshore. they are moving in from the northeast. that pump from land to sea. look at where the marine layer
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is way offshore. that is where it is. you can't see it. if you are standing on the beach, that is unusual. high pressure takes control today. as of tomorrow, weakening. we have high-fire danger today. 10 to 15 degrees above average. we have better air quality. we will get better air quality when the winds shift back out to the west. the cool ocean air returns and that means the temperatures turn back to normal 20 to 25 degree drop between now and friday. then we're talking showers. 102 degrees in livermore. this is the last day. 97 in santa teresa. 91 degrees in oakland. the a's will be back at it taking on the rangers as we head through tonight. if you are headed to the game, you don't need your jacket. as we head through friday and saturday, the big changes arrive. area of low pressure moves in carrying cool air and moisture. north bay showers on sunday. we're back to the usual fog and drizzle come monday. major changes ahead.
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work out that wardrobe. back to you. always important. mother nature is having some personality traits -- you know, issues. racing yachts are back on the water. >> the america's cup is back in the bay with another round of races. the last races were in august. conditions have changed since then. bob redell spoke with the crew and how they will adapt for the weather. >> reporter: practice for the world series starts at 4:00 this afternoon. you have 11 international teams out there on the bay competing with their ac-45 catamarans. we have tim geoffrey with the america's cup. compare the conditions. >> august was windy. august was spectacular. we're expecting a little less wind this time, but high speeds.
11:20 am
if the racing was anything like august with leads changing, meters from the finish line, it will be thrilling. >> reporter: i wonder what the challenges that presents for the skipp skippers. >> that is right. they have to be adaptable. the field of play is not like a tennis court. it is not like a football field. they have to deal not just with the opposition, but conditions that are constantly changing. that is wind and water. >> reporter: the blue angels will fly this week. fleet week is this week. you timed the events? >> very much so. for us, this is a fabulous opportunity to show what america's cup racing is like. august was great for us. bigger crowds this week. a precursor is the taste of what will come in the summer of 2013. this is a marvelous opportunity. >> reporter: tim, thank you very
11:21 am
much. practice starts on the bay today, tomorrow and wednesday is qualifyi qualifying. here in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> captain redell, thank you very much. still ahead, playoff bound. the a's clinch the wild card position for the first post season run in six years. what is next for the green and gold?
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no shortage of celebration out on the field. i thought we would hear from the clubhouse there. the a's locking up the playoff spot clinching a spot knocking out the rangers, 4-3. you want to talk about a turn around. in july, the a's were at the bottom of the standings.
11:24 am
today they are on the cusp of winning the title. when you break out the goggles, it's a party. today, it is back to regular season work. the a's playing the rangers tonight. first pitch at 7:05. with the a's big-time win, it is a chance for an all bay area world series. a's and giants. >> both in the playoffs. giants kick off their run saturday against the national league division winner number two. the time and opponent are still up in the air. matt cain will take the mound as the starting pitcher. barry zito will take the mound against the dodgers. game at 7:15. >> good stuff. >> we'll be right back. lots of prepaid cards
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welcome back. last day of triple digit heat.
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we will take off 10 degrees tomorrow and additional 10 degrees for thursday. look what happens this thursday. first showers sunday into monday up in the north bay. thank you. a massive flash mob in south korea goes "gangnam style." >> people performed and hit the dance craze. it was organized to promote a big time dance festival kicking off on friday. how do you say this? >> "gangnam style." >> the pop star psy topping the charts around the world. the music video went viral a few weeks ago racking up more than 300 million views. >> with us, it will be 300 million. thanks for being with us. join us tonight.
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